PC–TRiADD is a translational research program embeded within the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) and funded as a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) focused on improving outcomes in prostate and other cancers. Funded by the Government of Canada, PC-TRiADD also offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as external researchers, integrated translational research services such as drug discovery, preclinical testing, tumour biology and clinical research. Embedded within the VPC, PC-TRiADD host institutions are the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the Department of Urologic Sciences Department of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

PC-TRiADD leverages the track record of successful translational research at the VPC, one of the world’s most comprehensive cancer research facilities that combines fundamental and clinical research. It also accesses a top-notch, multi-disciplinary team of scientists and clinicians, and employs best practices in project management to help clientele achieve their research and development goals.

PC-TRiADD’s independent research agenda seeks to discover reasons for cancer progression and treatment resistance at the molecular level and uses that information to develop new services and products to improve cancer outcomes.

Our research activities continue to generate intellectual property, novel products, patented technology, spinoff companies, and peer-reviewed publications and presentations.

While focused on prostate cancer, many of PC-TRiADD’s services and discoveries are useful in other cancers such as breast, lung, colon, and bladder.

Working in partnership with national clinical trials and research networks, as well as industry to accelerate new drug treatments into human trials, PC-TRiADD promotes regional growth and investment in biotechnology, and improves patient care for Canadians.